Last Post (for Web 2.0 Camp Anyway)

I just took a look at my goals and basically, I wanted to reach students where they are at and I think I’ve learned some things that will do that. One of the most fun tools I’m walking away with, in this respect, is podcasting. I thought about doing this last year but wasn’t quite sure how, but after this afternoon’s session, I’m ready to go. BTW, the topic and format of this workshop is by far the best I have ever been to. The fact that I was given my own time to explore information for myself on podcasting (instead of watching one instructor’s powerpoint on the subject) made me so much more interested in learning the subject at hand. I love that we were given the opportunity to learn for ourselves so that we could regroup with our newly-acquired knowledge to share with a group. Not only did this workshop show us what we can use to help teach our students but also provided a good model for how we can better structure our class time.

Podcast Practice

My first “podcast”–we’ll see how it goes….

intro podcast

Wiki Spaces

cowboy smile

I’ve used wikispaces a couple of times in the past without really knowing what it was capable of. I’m glad that I was able to learn the amazing ways that it can be manipulated and adapted for my classroom and I can’t wait to begin. I got started with a lesson I know that I’m going to use at the beginning of the year with my 9th grade ESL students. Click here to see what I’ve got going.




I’ve never used flickr before because I’m a bit paranoid about sharing pictures on the internet. After today, I still haven’t put any personal pictures up but I did add clip art and organized it in an better way than just sitting on my computer. If I were to continue to use the site, I think it would be for this purpose. Here is the slide show of my pictures.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the blog where you can save the clipart for yourself.

clipart for teachers

As far as the image creator site, I didn’t much care for it. I admit it’s humorous, but I’m always aprehensive about uploading my picture somewhere, especially on a site that’s this cheesy :)


I’ve used RSS for lots of purposes but my favorite is to enhance my PLN. My students use a website called Edmodo which has so many capabilities, one of which is an RSS reader. Since I’m already on this site daily anyway, it seemed the perfect place to keep up with all the news and educational websites that I was interested in. A lot of what I read are blogs and you would be surprised how many blogs have reached the level of being well-researched, respectable resources for educators that just happen to be well written and interesting. One of my favorites is the English Raven, by David Renshaw. He always has something thoughtful and controversial to say (why I find it interesting, I guess).

On a side note, I created a new blog yesterday in response to our discussion about fair use and using images found on the web. I created some clipart for myself a while back and decided to share them with Creative Commons lisences. That means you can copy and paste them as much as you want to as long as you attribute them to “Mr. G”. Each post has the link to the lisence with directions on how to attribute it properly. Click on the sample below to go the blog . At the bottom, there is a button for “older posts” if you want to see more.


I found something cool…

I’ve been a big fan of web 2.0 for quite a while now. I used to blog for a student social networking website called edmodo on this very subject. To see a sample of one of my old posts, click here.

I just feel that this is the necessary direction that education should be headed and that direction. Students are social creatures and they have incredible ability now to be constructively social in so many new ways, opening the doors for learning experiences that never existed before. We should be taking advantage of this, not clicking our tongues.

So in keeping wiht this, I came across a collaborative website in today’s delicious expedition that uses sticky notes to publish content. It’s called and this is a great crowd sourcing tool that anyone can jump in on and add to. You can type a new sticky or add a video, picture or document. You can use it to organize or send it around through your blog and let people add to it.  To try it out, add to my lino below. The topic (click on the title to go to the site):

Something I Learned Today

For others, click on the link below to see what else I have in delicious

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I’m at Web 2.0 Camp! I’ve got goals too…

I’m at a three day camp for web 2.o tools and I know I’m going to get a lot out of it. Mostly, I want to be the best, most relevant teacher I can be and I hope this will get me on my way to this. I understand that my students have a multi-faceted understanding of what technology is and what it’s for-they have the right mind set and in this area, we need to follow suit. I want to be able to speak their language and connect them in ways that they respond to so that learning can be ‘fun’ and more of a creative process rather than a passive one. I plan to keep up with this blog throughout the year, mostly with my students so keep checking in if you want to see what we’re doing!

Period 6 Videos












Period 4 Videos